Uniform and Regalia

At the August, 2017 National Convention, the Supreme Knight announced that the Board of Directors had approved changes to the 4th Degree Uniform and Color Corps regalia in an effort to make the 4th Degree more attractive to younger members as well as still relavent. While these changes are effective immediately, there will be some time needed to transition from the old to the new.

Click here if you wish to see information (including how to order) at knightsgear.com.

Current Information as of January 9, 2018

This is the current information regarding the regalia change as of January 9, 2018:

  • The new uniform and regalia is only available from knightsgear.com
  • The 25% discount that was extended through the end of November has now expired. Given the number of extensions that occurred, it would be a good idea to check knightsgear.com when ordering to see if a discount is still available.
  • Due to the 8,000 uniforms on back order, the old regalia (cape and chapeau) can continue to be worn through June 30, 2019 (the date was June 30, 2018).
  • The Social Baldric that was dropped when the switch to a business suit in place of a tuxedo occurred has been brought back. It is to be worn with the tuxedo and business suit, over the necktie. The Social Baldric WILL NOT be worn with the new uniform. The Social Baldric and Fourth Degree lapel pin will be provided to candidates at Exemplification.
  • The Laws & Rules Governing the Fourth Degree and the Color Corps Drill Manual are being updated and will be distributed when complete.
  • Officers are not required to wear the uniform for business meetings or other events.
  • Exemplification candidates can wear a dark business suit, preferably black, navy or grey, with a dark tie, or, a tuxedo with a plain collared shirt, black studs and cufflinks, and a black tie.
  • For Officer Installations, if the member has the new uniform, he may wear it. If a member does not have the new uniform, then a dark business suit (see above for Exemplification candidates) or tuxedo would be worn.

Supreme has an online FAQ which will also answer some of your questions. Click here to go to the FAQ at the Supreme web site. If you have any questions not covered by this FAQ, please contact your vice supreme master.

These are photos of the official regalia as described in the Color Corps Drill Manual prior to the August 2017 announcement at the National Convention.

4th Degree Members Official Regalia Dress

Color Corps Official Regalia Dress

These are photos of the new 4th degree member and Color Corps official regalia dress as announced at the August 2017 National Convention

New 4th degree member and Color Corps official regalia dress

As worn at the August 2017 National Convention

As shown in the FAQ with sword, gloves and baldric